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Talks and Events:

Kansas City, Border's Books, Saturday Nov 7, 2009 3-4 PM Talk and book-signing, Please stop by

Kansas City, KKFI- 90.1 FM, Saturday Nov 7, 2009 5-6 PM, "Guess Who's Coming to Kansas City" hosted by M.C. Richardson, Native American Month topic, listen live at WWW.KKFI.ORG

New York City, Book Expo America, Friday May 29 - Sunday May 31, 2009

Topeka, Kansas, Thursday, February 5, 2009 6:30-7:00 PM
Topeka Collegiate School, 2200 SW Eveningside

Topeka, Kansas, Saturday, January 31, 2009 2:00-4:00 PM
Barnes and Noble, Wannamaker Rd and 17 St

Omaha, Nebraska, Saturday, January 24, 2009 1:00 PM
The Bookworm, 8702 Pacific St

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 17, 2009 11 AM
Whole Foods, S. Las Vegas Blvd

Radio, TV and Webcasts: ( Available on-line or as podcast as noted)

Diabetes Power Show (Listen online or download podcast)

Rochester, New York WYSL 1040 AM - February 11, 2009 6:30-8:00 PM EST Health Talk, hosted by Dr. Joe DiPrima

Topeka, Kansas KMAJ 1440 AM - February 5, 2009 9:00-10:00 AM CST Topeka Talks, hosted by Deb Goodrich

Knoxville, Tenn, WBCR 1470 AM -January 21, 2009 5:45-6:15 EST Share Your Mission, hosted by Dr. Winn Henderson

Las Vegas, Nevada KDWN 720 AM - January 11, 2009 9 AM PST Radio Health Report, hosted by Mickey O'Neill

Topeka, Kansas KMAJ 1440 AM - January 8, 2009 9:00-10:00 AM CST Topeka Talks, hosted by Deb Goodrich

Denver, Colorado, KOA 850 AM - December 24, 2008 1:00-5:00 AM The Rick Barber Show, hosted by Rick Barber

If your organization is interested in having Dr. Cohen speak on the topic of reversing the obesity epidemic or related topics, please contact us at 1-888-933-9833 or contact us by clicking here.
If calling from outside the United States, call 1-785-783-7779.

Check back periodically for future events.


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