Personal Experiences

You would be smiling too, if you lost as much as BOB.
Bob is smiling because he has lost almost 80 pounds, so far.
He also now only needs about a third of the medicine he used to need to control his blood pressure and diabetes.


Mary smiled before she lost 73 pounds (on the left), but her smile is more radiant today as a size 6 (on the right). A nurse practioner (ARNP), she enjoys sharing her experience to show others that they can do it, too.

Mary, 73 pounds earlier. Now a Size 6.


Donna refused to be in a photo after she realized what she looked like (left photo) for the many years when she had been unable to lose weight. After she has lost over 40 pounds, she is happy to show her picture. She enjoys her age being mistaken for that of someone who could be her daughter.

Donna, in the picture that made her stop having her picture taken. Donna today.


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