What is the New Hippocratic Diet ® ? The New Hippocratic Diet ® was developed by Dr. Irving A. Cohen, M.D., M.P.H., Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine, to help people reverse the current obesity epidemic and regain control of their lives. It utilizes the natural appetite suppression mechanism present in everyone. Doctors and scientists have long known that people's bodies, just as other forms of life, are designed for cyclical patterns of food availability. There is a natural mechanism to store excess energy for long-term use in the form of fat and there is a natural mechanism to burn fat and efficiently when the food supply is low. When used properly, that natural mechanism suppresses hunger so that people can live off their own stored energy without excessive anxiety or concern.

In today's highly industrialized world, most people are far removed from the natural variations in food supply. In that environment, making the wrong food choice tells their bodies to constantly stored energy, leading to overweight, type 2 diabetes, and their associated health and disease issues. When they try to reduce their consumption, their bodies are in the storage mode, wanting to put extra energy into fat for later use. Staying in this storage mode interferes with losing weight and leaves the dieter constantly hungry. That sabotages their good efforts.

Complicating matters, over the past three decades, the Federal Government of the United States made a terrible mistake. Beginning in late 1970's, they sought to "educate" Americans that the fad-diet of fat-avoidance was actually healthy for them. This was based on a misunderstanding of the underlying science but became national policy and was treated as dogma by institutions depending upon federal funding. As a result, many people, both in the United States and elsewhere in the world have come to believe this falsehood. Today, it seems as if the harder some people try to lose weight, doing what they are told are the "right things", the worse they get.

The answer to this dilemma is to forget this bad advice and look at the underlying mechanism of weight loss and weight gain. The New Hippocratic Diet ® does this and has helped many people over the years. Dr. Cohen developed this diet out of personal need. He, too, was faced with frustration having gained weight doing the supposedly right things and finding the current mixture of diets ineffective. Faced with this, he researched how the body could be maintained in a steady fat-burning state. He founded this question had been answered in the 1920's, and that research was still valid today. He expanded the logarithm developed almost a century ago to take into account weight-loss dieting and arrived at a computer model showing how the correct balance of major nutrients can keep a person's body in a fat-burning state and suppress hunger. That model is now published in the medical literature. He has presented information on his diet to physicians and scientists in major medical forums.

While researching and exploring the history of weight-loss dieting, he discovered others who had come before him. Notably, a famous German researcher and physician had come to similar conclusions in the late 19th century. This eventually led him to end even earlier work. An important French scholar in the early 19th century had discovered that the famous Greek physician Hippocrates had his own method of losing or gaining weight. Although lacking in our current science, Hippocrates and had worked this out through his powers of observation. Hippocrates is generally known in the western world as the "father of rational Medicine". Dr. Cohen's method of losing weight is remarkably similar to that advocated by Hippocrates 2400 years earlier. Dr. Cohen named his diet the New Hippocratic Diet ® in deference to that.

Dr. Cohen's diet goes far beyond the initial recommendations of Hippocrates. This is because in the 21st century we face additional challenges. Chemical additives which make people hungrier and misleading information from producers of food products are but two. In a world where international corporations make billions of dollars selling weight-loss products, Dr. Cohen shows people how to regain control of their lives and successfully lose weight without gimmicks, drugs, surgery, or special products. In addition to teaching patients directly and developing an online course (click here for information), Dr. Cohen has produced several books for the dieter. The first is for most weight-loss dieters, while the second is a special version for dieters with type 2 diabetes (who should diet with the knowledge and cooperation of their physician). The third is a cookbook, providing more recipe choices for dieters, in addition to the starter recipes in the basic books. Finally, international edition of the diet book in the Spanish language will be available soon.


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